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Who is eligible? 


Anyone who is currently being treated for any type of cancer or has completed treatment during the last 6 months is eligible to visit Second Wind. Each guest may visit the Retreat one time, so as many first-time cancer patients as possible have the opportunity to come here.


How long?


Guests can schedule visits from 2 to 5 nights, with some of the nights over a weekend.


How many?


One guest and one caregiver can stay at a time. This is to make sure the visit is a relaxing retreat for the patient and caregiver, and not a family vacation that might involve the patient waiting on others. (Please respect this mission and do not bring additional family members or friends, or plan for them to arrive later.)  


Each patient guest must have someone who is well (a spouse, friend or other caregiver) to come with them.

Where is it?


Second Wind is approximately 2 hours north of Atlanta, and about 11 miles outside Blue Ridge GA. Guests provide their own transportation to and from the Retreat, and should definitely arrive before dark since our backroad signs and landmarks can be tough to spot after dark.


To find us, print the PDF directions (found on the bottom of this page) to the Retreat from Atlanta. If you’re coming  from another location, be sure you use these directions starting from Blue Ridge and don't continue using GPS, which routinely gets people lost after they leave the main roads. Our directions will get you here.

What is provided


The Retreat has a fully appointed kitchen with stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishes, basic cooking utensils, etc. Our guests bring what they feel like eating while they’re here. (We do have a wonderful lady who donates a homemade vanilla pound cake for each guest!)

All sheets, towels and paper products are provided by the Retreat. 


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What you'll find amazingly refreshing


The Retreat is an unplugged experience, with no WI-FI, cable, or cell phone signal. (Most people have one bar of cell service from the front porch.) There is a land line at the Retreat with unlimited long distance within the U.S. and 911 service. Instead of news and digital distractions, you’ll have good conversation. You’ll have books, games and a huge library of DVDs to watch on the TV. You’ll also have a front porch with rocking chairs and an awesome mountain view.


To schedule a visit, print out the Physician Referral Form below and have it completed by your physician.

Once you have it, you can have your physician’s office scan and email it to  Or you can take a clear photo of it with your phone and text it to 678-571-1936.  Then call Marti Nunn at 828-675-8667 to schedule your visit.

You’ll also need to print out the Information & Release Form below, initial and sign it along with your caregiver, and send it with your Physician Referral Form.

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